AboutAngela Copperwheat, NC and SC

Angela Copperwheat, NC and SC

Angela Copperwheat, NC and SC


Angela Copperwheat is not a Charlotte native but has lived in NC for 26 years and has seen the amazing growth that has taken place.  She has had an interest in real estate since moving to Charlotte.  Upon moving to NC, she had a one year old, and put her passion for real estate aside to raise her son.  She pursued a career in Early Childhood Education instead and worked as a teacher and then as Director of several schools. 

Her sons are now grown, and has found that life changes in ways we can never predict.  Real Estate was always on her mind so decided it was time to work her passion. She loves her preschool, but just could not resist pursuing a career in real estate.  After 15 years at a school in Southpark, she resigned and became a real estate agent full time!  She could not be more excited, and feels especially blessed to have found an amazing place in Carolinas Key Realty.  Working with the team has been a wonderful experience for her. 

The biggest thing she has learned is that real estate is not really about sales.  It is about people.  That is where her heart is.  Helping people.  Working in Early Childhood Education gave her the opportunity to meet so many wonderful families.  To her, it was not just about the children, but the family as a whole – That philosophy carries over into real estate.  She will work to find you the perfect HOME!  Her goal is to guide you and help you make your dreams a reality.  “That is what makes this a great job!  Let me take the journey with you!”